Customized new Orleans culinary events and team building

Enjoy customized culinary focused events, corporate team building activities, and specialized cooking classes in neighborhoods and venues throughout new Orleans.

Interested in a private event for your group? Whether it's a corporate teambuilding event, a multiple day technical tour, or a bachelorette party, our in-house event planning staff can help.

creating and managing your event

We can develop and execute a variety of culinary-based events, tours and activities developed in order to satisfy the needs of your group.

Taste of New Orleans Food Tours' event staff can customize any of our current tours and activities in order to develop the ideal experience for you and your group. If you do not see what you like, then ask - we typically can accommodate special requests. Our events and activities are suitable for groups both small and large, with a capacity of up to 500 people.

catalogue of thousands of group and corporate events to customize

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On any New Orleans group event, team building activity or other private event

For any additional information about our food tours and culinary events and activities, either call us at 504.273.7616, email us at, or fill out the form below. A member of our event staff will reply to any inquiry 7 days a week.

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Food Tours

We began running our first New Orleans food tours nearly a decade ago, as a hybrid tour spanning both the French Quarter and Marigny. Created to offer a unique perspective of the historic city and to offer as many styles of creole dining and drinking as possible in a half day period. Over the years, we have since customized hundreds of different food and drink tours throughout the city (and region) for groups both small and large. They range greatly in price, scale, location and much more but at the core, we we want to make sure to provide groups with the opportunity to explore the cuisine, culture, history and architecture of the neighborhood(s) we visit.

We visit anywhere between 4 and 12 (and more depending on the length of tour) establishments throughout the tour, to ensure you get the ideal event for your group (both corporate and non corporate) based on your needs and taking all restrictions into account.

Market tours

St Roch is a recently renovated public market that was created in the late 1800s. the local restaurants and vendors provide an excellent look at Creole cuisine, honoring both the past and present.

Enjoy fresh oysters, both raw and prepared in the Old Line Creole, fresh local fish, creole Korean fusion, Cajun influenced southern cuisine, and critically acclaimed dessert.

food tour pic

Dine Arounds

A Dine Around is a more formal version of a Food Tour (not usually concerning dress code) that offers a different level of customization in comparison to a food tour. Dine Arounds are ideal events for corporate group outings and can be held daytime or evening, although most start late afternoons. The Dine Around can offer various themes, including cuisine, culture, fine dining, and much more.

The multiple hour event provides an ideal alternative to a dinner and group activity. We can add receptions, happy hours, alcohol pairings, team building components, demonstrations and more and more in order to make sure the dine around event exceeds all of your group expectations.

visit Three restaurants to experience the taste of New Orleans

Visit restaurants in great neighborhoods such as Marigny (Frenchman Street), CBD, Bywater, the Garden District, Magazine Street and more.

email us for more information. We will provide a detailed proposal within a day of your request

one, two restaurant dine arounds

For partivular situations in which there is not enough time to run a standard dine around, we can reduce the number of restaurants on the dine around, offering you a two, and even single restaurant dine arounds. The experience is a different, but still excellent culinary event.

dine around pic

Culinary Challenge

Our most popular team building series offers a number of options meant to facilitate camaraderie, and teamwork.

One of our most popular events, especially for corporate groups is our series of Culinary Challenge events. Our Culinary Challenge events are a group of interactive team building activities created especially to combine innovation, creativity, and teamwork in a competitive, yet fun environment.

created in order to strengthen bonds and reduce employee turnover.

Our award-winning creative team designs special events that follow any themes, or particular needs, while working within your budget and time constraints, in order to create an unforgettable event for your group

Iron Chef inspired culinary challenge

We bring the long running television show to life, in a team building event where groups create and present a dish (or dishes) to the chef using the ingredients, the secret ingredients, within a particular theme. Our Iron Chef inspired culinary challenge is one of many options available for your group.

n our signature event, the 'Iron Chef' inspired Culinary Challenge, groups are broken down into smaller teams, where members are assigned roles and collaborate to create and present a signature dish to a hungry panel of judges using the secret ingredient and a limited stock of fresh herbs, vegetables, starches, and proteins.

From around the world to chopped to dinner impossible, we have an event that will be ideal for your group.

Call us today to speak to an account manager about a culinary challenge for your group!

culinary challenge pic

Special Events

Our special events, both corporate and group, are created to provide your group with the level of excellence you expect from sister company 4Lobe Events New Orleans, and Taste of New Orleans Food Tours

Concept Development

Our staff will work with you and your team to build an idea into a fully functioning event, or series of events. We also have extensive experience developing itineraries and are happy to do so for you.


Our in-house design shop can help you with all your needs for the event; from graphics to posters to logos/


We can solve any ticketing issues as well for upcoming special events with us. We can offer both online and paper tickets based on your needs

special events pic

Team Building

providing alternative ways for groups to work together utilizing food and drink

We understand the importance of employee retention, morale, and how team building can help individuals work together and have experiences in different ways.

All of our company events and tours can be turned into team building activities, and many like the culinary challenges were strictly developed as team building activities.

We can incorporate any themes you need into teambuilding activities and offer many turnarounds within one to two business days if needed.

Please see our teambuilding page here for more information!

Team Building pic

cooking class

With support from great local mixologists and chefs, we offer a number of cooking and mixology classes for your groups.

Ideal for both corporate and non-corporate, our themed, multi course cooking classes can be served nearly anywhere. Our mobile kitchen design enables us to come to you, and still provide a high quality, educational class for your group.

themed classes

check out some of our themes below:

  • Around the world
  • Vietnam experience
  • creole exploration
  • Cajun vs creole
  • creole Italian
  • New Orleans deconstruction
  • French classics
  • plating 101
  • cooking 101

We can serve guests from 2-200 (and more) with the same focus on providing you the best possible value and product

We have a cooking class for nearly anyone, regardless of interest and ability. Our cooking classes can be for small and large groups alike, and offer specialized options for large group and corporate events.

Cooking class pic

Full/Multi-Day Motorcoach Tours

We have itineraries for 1-7 days in New Orleans and up to two weeks in the surrounding areas.

Our motorcoach tours are experiential, hands on versions of a food tour. They are not like standard motorcoach tours, and offer a far better value. To the end client.

Let our creative staff put together an itinerary based on your individual needs, with the bounty of activities and culture in the area.

motorcoach tours pic

Bar and Pub Crawls

Our bar and pub crawls are created to let you experience and enjoy the nuances of great drinks, while at the same time visiting fantastic bars and taverns.

The history of many of the buildings and businesses go back generations, and provide an excellent backdrop to enjoy some of the finest drinking in new Orleans.

ultimate pub crawl

An ultimate pub crawl includes drinks and food in the event itself, rather than seperately. The ultimate pub crawl is an available upgrade for any of our activities. We can customize the food, the drinks included, time and day.

pub crawl pic

culinary scavenger hunt

A cost effective yet very popular team building activity is the culinary scavenger hunt.

Groups split up and after a basic presentation of the area search out clues, drinks, food, and more using their guide created specially from the group.

Our emcees oversee the event, and give individuals a background of the neighborhood or city before the event, and provide in person and text based support throughout.

As they seek out the best in the city, team members take pictures, sample dishes, and take in the culture of the neighborhood the right way.

motorcoach tours pic