Culinary Team building in new Orleans through taste of new Orleans food tours and 4Lobe events

Our capabilities as a company go much further than just running tours. Over the past seven years we have grown far beyond the traditional realm of this industry and into the world of culinary events.

Reaching new heights for culinary team building

As our company has expanded, one of our major markets is for corporate team building exercises, both culinary and non-culinary based (although our favorite team building events always have some type of food and drink).

Many of our clients are looking not only to having a great time, but also to solving a problem that may exist in their company. We bring the issue to our award-winning creative team, driven by our president, Jeff Swedarsky, to help find an exciting, new way to work together and solve the problem.

Taste of New Orleans works in conjunction with 4Lobe Events, one of the most innovative and fastest growing culinary event companies in the region, to ensure the activity, regardless of it being an event, tour, or hybrid, is the appropriate solution to the problem.

Both culinary and non-culinary Team Building activities through 4Lobe and Taste of New Orleans can take place nearly anywhere throughout the city.

is there a maximum or minimum group size for the ideal team building experience?

Absolutely not! Events can be as effective for 5 or 500 and will be staffed accordingly, utilizing our strong logistics footprint to effectively manage groups of either size without drop-off in event quantity.

Contact us with an issue, provide a few initial thoughts and we will put together something that goes far beyond expectations.

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