New Orleans Progressive Dinners

The classic version of a food tour, a progressive dinner, offers guests the opportunity to visit three restaurants, enjoying a course of a multi-course meal throughout the event

Our Progressive Dinner can be run in the French Quarter, on Frenchman Street in The Marigny, in the Garden District, and on Magazine Street.

Ideal for large private and corporate groups, the Progressive Dinner offers individuals to enjoy an appetizer, a main course (a second main is possible) , and a dessert at different restaurants throughout one or several neighborhoods in New Orleans.

The Progressive Dinner can be customized based on cuisine or offer you a look at several types. We can give you the intricacies of Creole, or break down the Differences between Creole and Cajun.

Progressive Dinners at St. Roch Market

Explore the acclaimed market, and enjoy a multi course meal from our favorite at the end.

Call or email us for more information or a proposal on the New Orleans Progressive Dinner

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